The English Music Festival has three main methods of communication with audience members and interested parties. The first, and most lavish, of these publications is Spirited: a substantial Gazette which is published in December each year. Our Newsletter, which was established at the same time as the Festival, appears twice a year, shortly before and after the EMF; and contains the latest news. The Bulletin contains information related to the British Composer Organisations who have signed up to the EMF scheme, and accompanies the Newsletter.

If you are a Friend of the Festival, you will receive all publications by post, free of charge. Those who are not members of our Friends’ Scheme can subscribe to Spirited, thereby also receiving printed copies of the Newsletter and Bulletin. Otherwise, we will send you an copy by email of the Newsletter and the Bulletin if you have provided us with your email address.

To join the Festival mailing list, please contact the Founder-Director, Em Marshall-Luck, at


The Spirit of England

Please follow the links to download and read previous issues of the Festival Newsletter (PDF files):

ISSUE 1  DECEMBER 2004   (233KB)
ISSUE 2  AUGUST 2005   (297KB)
ISSUE 3  SUMMER 2006   (650KB)
ISSUE 4  WINTER 2007 / 08   (339)
ISSUE 5  AUTUMN 2008   (477KB)
ISSUE 6  SPRING 2009   (521KB)
ISSUE 7  WINTER 2009   (4.14MB)
ISSUE 8  SPRING 2010   (765KB)
ISSUE 9  WINTER 2010 / 11   (1.20MB)
ISSUE 10 SUMMER 2011   (2.82MB)
Issue 11 SPRING 2012   (2.77MB)
Issue 12 SUMMER 2012   (3.11MB)
Issue 13 SPRING 2013   (946KB)
Issue 14 SUMMER 2013   (2.6MB)
Issue 15 SUMMER 2014   (1.1MB)
Issue 16 SPRING 2015   (1.0MB)
Issue 17 SUMMER 2015   (1.9MB)
Issue 18 SUMMER 2016   (2.3MB)


`SPIRITED': the gazette of the English Music Festival

The Festival Gazette was launched in March 2011. This exciting publication contains extensive and in-depth features on composers, works to be featured during the forthcoming Festival, the history and significance of venues associated with the EMF, and a full report, with photos, of the previous Festival, as well as several pages of CD and book reviews and recommendations. We hugely welcome articles, letters, reviews, or any other relevant material for publication.

Please follow the links below to download a PDF version of the first issue or to subscribe to future issues. If you would like to submit an article to the Editor, please refer to the Guidelines for Contributors.    

spring 2011 · issn 2049-5587 · PDF · 7.69mb