EMF Bus Service

Each day of the Festival, the EMF operates a bus service between Didcot Parkway railway station and Dorchester-on-Thames; and a shuttle bus service from Dorchester to those concerts that take place at Radley College or at All Saints’ Church, Sutton Courtenay. The full timetable is published below and may also be downloaded as a PDF (which can, of course, be printed for ease of reference during the Festival itself!). Spaces will, however, be extremely limited and we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available to purchase on board: advance booking is therefore strongly recommended. An online booking service is available on this page.

Note that bus times from Didcot Parkway are based on the trains arriving (almost) on time, and buses to Didcot Parkway on concerts finishing (almost) on time. Buses will not leave without audience members on board!

To purchase bus tickets, please enter on the booking form the number of tickets you require for each journey. Once you have completed your selection, click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button below the form. You can then review your purchases before proceeding to the payment stage.

As with concert tickets, bus tickets may be held for collection at the Festival Box Office or posted to you at a cost of £1.50. You may select which option you prefer when you review your ticket purchases.

The last day that we can post tickets is Friday, 19th May. Tickets for any orders processed after that will be held for collection from the box office in Dorchester Abbey.

Postal applications need to reach us by Wednesday, 17th May. We recommend using the online box office if you have any concerns about your order arriving by post in good time.

All purchases made through this website are securely processed using PayPal. At no stage during the transaction are bank or credit card details made available for viewing by The English Music Festival.


forwards-arrowClick here to download a pdf version of the timetable


EMF Bus Schedule
codeDeparture timeDepartureDestinationAdditional notes
1A18:45Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-ThamesMeets the 18:00 from Paddington (arr. 18:40)
1B21:25Dorchester-on-ThamesDidcot ParkwayIn time for the 21:53 to Paddington
2A10:15Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-ThamesMeets the 09:13 from Paddington (arr. 10:07)
2B12:30Dorchester-on-ThamesRadley College
2C16:15Radley CollegeDorchester-on-Thames
2D18:15Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-ThamesMeets the 17:13 from Paddington (arr. 18:07)
2E21:05Dorchester-on-ThamesDidcot ParkwayIn time for the 21:42 to Paddington
3A09:40Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-ThamesMeets the 08:42 from Paddington (arr. 09:36)
3B12:30Dorchester-on-ThamesRadley College
3C16:15Radley CollegeDorchester-on-Thames
3D18:15Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-ThamesMeets the 17:20 from Paddington (arr. 18:09)
3E21:05Dorchester-on-ThamesDidcot ParkwayIn time for the 21:42 to Paddington
4A10:15Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-ThamesMeets the 09:21 from Paddington (arr. 10:08)
4B13:45Dorchester-on-ThamesSutton Courtenay
4C16:15Sutton CourtenayDorchester-on-Thames
4D18:10Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-ThamesMeets the 17:18 from Paddington (arr. 18:03)
4E21:15Dorchester-on-ThamesDidcot ParkwayIn time for the 21:42 to Paddington
Booking Form
CodeDeparture timeDepartureDestinationPriceQuantity
1A18:45Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-Thames£5.00
1B21:25Dorchester-on-ThamesDidcot Parkway£5.00
2A10:15Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-Thames£5.00
2B12:30Dorchester-on-ThamesRadley College£2.00
2C16:15Radley CollegeDorchester-on-Thames£2.00
2D18:15Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-Thames£5.00
2E21:05Dorchester-on-ThamesDidcot Parkway£5.00
3A09:40Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-Thames£5.00
3B12:30Dorchester-on-ThamesRadley College£2.00
3C16:15Radley CollegeDorchester-on-Thames£2.00
3D18:15Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-Thames£5.00
3E21:05Dorchester-on-ThamesDidcot Parkway£5.00
4A10:15Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-Thames£5.00
4B13:45Dorchester-on-ThamesSutton Courtenay£2.00
4C16:15Sutton CourtenayDorchester-on-Thames£2.00
4D18:10Didcot ParkwayDorchester-on-Thames£5.00
4E21:15Dorchester-on-ThamesDidcot Parkway£5.00
    Post Tickets£1.50