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The Robin Milford Trust came into being on 24 March 1986, the original Trustees being Marion Milford, Auriol Milford and Anne Ridler. The object was and is to encourage, promote and assist the publication, performance and recording of the music of Robin Milford.

Anne Ridler died in 2001, and Marion Milford retired in 2009. Peter Hunter and David Pennant became Trustees in 2009, joining Auriol Milford who continues in this role.

To contact the Trustees, Peter Hunter or David Pennant, please use the e-mail addresses given above.


Peter Hunter has recently published his latest Treatise on Robin Milford, entitled Robin Milford (1903-1959) – A Composer Illuminated by his Personal Correspondence and War Diary.

This is the first of two volumes and concerns the period 1903 to 1938. It illuminates the events of Milford's life, his musical context and aspects of English life during the early twentieth century through a consideration of the composer’s correspondence, particularly with his wife, Kirstie, and close friend Gerald Finzi.

The book is available from Peter at, costing £5 (including p&p).

Peter is currently working on Volume Two which will focus on the period 1939-1959, a time which shows the profound influence of Finzi on Milford, musically and personally.

Other areas which Peter hopes to soon make available in separate volumes include:

  • the compositions of the 1920s,
  • the compositions of the 1930s,
  • the compositions of the 1940s and 1950s,
  • selected individual works.


Dutton, through Lewis Foreman, has recently produced a marvellous recording of Milford's The Darkling Thrush (Philippe Graffin, violin, and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by David Lloyd-Jones). This work is coupled with the Britten and Delius violin concertos.

Raven Enterprises, based in the USA, has released a recording of Milford's two songs The Moor and The Fiddler of Dooney (Edmund Connolly, baritone, and Maxine Thévenot, piano). Raven will also be releasing a recording of Milford's chorale-prelude In dulci jubilo in December (Edmund Connolly, organ). This CD will also feature the Choirs of the Cathedral of St. John, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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