The Havergal Brian Society

President Martyn Brabbins
Chairman John Grimshaw
Membership Secretary 15 Castle Gardens, Barrock Street, THURSO KW14 7GZ


Founded in 1974 shortly after the composer's death, the Havergal Brian Society exists to promote knowledge about the life and works of Havergal Brian (1876–1972). The aims of the society are:

1. To act as an information source about the composer and his music for both the general public and musicians. The Society has a comprehensive website and has a growing Archive at Bristol University Music Department with many books, recordings and other documents including an extensive collection of Brian’s letters.

2. To promote and sponsor recitals, concerts and recordings of Brian’s music. The HBS has now sponsored many recordings of Brian’s works on a wide variety of labels. All but two of Brian’s 32 symphonies and nearly all his other orchestral works are now available on commercial recordings, many as a direct result of HBS sponsorship and there are plans for additional discs.

3. To advise and assist prospective performers in their choice of works and in the acquisition of performing material. New performing material has being created, including a newly-set vocal score for the Gothic Symphony used for performances in 2010 and 2011 as well as full scores and parts for a number of other works.

4. To publish original material on Brian and his music. A bimonthly Newsletter has now reached over 240 issues, many containing authoritative articles on aspects of Brian and his music available in no other source. A very extensive website on Brian and his music is also maintained at Two books of Brian’s journalism have been sponsored and a volume of the complete piano music has also been published.

5. To gather as much information as possible on the whereabouts of Brian’s missing scores. The most important of these is the full score of Prometheus Unbound, for the recovery of which a reward is offered. The full score of the opera The Tigers was recovered in 1977 after being missing for more than 30 years.

Membership. The Society welcomes new members and offers a range of levels of Membership with differing benefits ranging from standard annual membership (£20 or £10 for over-65s) to Life Membership at £250. For details and a sample Newsletter, please contact the Membership Secretary using the contact details given above.


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