The Delius Society

Treasurer and Membership SecretaryPeter Watts


The Delius Society was founded in 1962 and holds regular meetings in London and the Midlands. There is also a flourishing, autonomous, branch in Philadelphia.

The Society’s aims are to develop a greater knowledge of the life and works of Delius and, as appropriate, those of his contemporaries; to promote and encourage performances, broadcasts and recordings of his music; to encourage the study of Delius’s life and works and to organise musical functions for members of the Society and the general public.

The Society is independent from, but works closely with, the Delius Trust. Members of the Trust are active in the Society and their wide knowledge is a great asset.

The Society publishes two substantial Journals per year and two shorter Newsletters.

Membership enquiries should be directed to The Honorary Treasurer and Membership Secretary using the contact details given above. Further details will be found on the website.


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